2017 Award Winners

Best Narrative Short Film

Fry Day

Dir. Laura Moss

A girl’s coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of Ted Bundy’s execution in 1989.

Best Documentary Short Film

Reissued: A

Rebirth of Vinyl

Dir. Alonso Aliaguilla

As a medium that was once considered a dying breed, destined to be relegated to the ultra-niche and obscure, vinyl’s improbable comeback to the forefront of the musical world has caught even the biggest music fans and industry followers by surprise.

Best Animated Short Film

To Build a Fire

Dir. Fx Goby

To Build a Fire is an animated short film that tells the tragic tale of a man and his dog trying to survive in the overwhelmingly freezing and hostile nature of the Yukon Territory.

Best Experimental Short Film

Last Dance

Dir. Zhaoyu Zhou

Last Dance is an experimental motion visualization film about a romance from ancient China – Farewell My Concubine, in a way of Peking Opera – a traditional Chinese performing arts.

Best Music Video

Second Hand Lovers

Dir. Oren Lavie

A man in his early 30’s lives in his bachelor’s apartment, which he shares with the memory of all his past relationships. Into this comfortable ritual enters one day a new woman.

Best Environmental Short Film


Dir. Mark Knight

The international award-winning videographers from the Window Channel Network showcase some of the world’s spectacular oceans, waterfalls, glaciers and waterways from Iceland to South America.

Best Short Short Film

Mi Dulcinea

Dir. Max Barbakow

A young Taekwondo student tries to seduce an older woman.

Best Miami’s Local Production

Tau Tau

Dir. Gionanny Lago

A mockumentary documenting the origins of Tau Tau, a group of misfit fraternity brothers struggling to establish themselves in a University dominated by Tau Phi Gammas.

Best Emerging Media Story Storytelling

The Unknown

Sweet Potato Seller

Dir. Ahmed Roshdy

An artist named Khaled decides to investigate the murder of a kid who sold sweet potato during the revolution of Egypt after having dreams and synchronicities that has to do with the boy and his murder.

Best Acting Ensemble


Dir. Christian Meier

With only a few more weeks to live, Lucca -a misfit who’s dying from some terminal disease- has been asked to kill someone in exchange for money. His fear of not leaving a legacy for his future son, makes him reflect about the right choice.

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