#FeaturedFilm Amongst Laughs and Tears

Brazilian director Rubens Marinelli Neto’s creative personality shines in all its splendor in his latest film “Amongst Laughs and Tears”. Distinguished for its astonishing cinematography and soundtrack, it is a true spectacle of the moving image of just 07:30 minutes long.
The film starts off with a beautifully set scene of a grey isolated landscape […]

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#FeaturedFilm Le Gouffre

Le Gouffre (The Gulf) is the first animated short film by Lightning Boy studio, a young creative team based in Montreal. An inspiring tale of overcoming the impossible, the film’s message resonates much with the spirit of its creators Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chretien and David Forest, who quit their jobs to work full-time on […]

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MsFF Commercial – Juan

MsFF Commercial – Juan

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