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Miami short Film Festival Presents – Its First Monthly Screening of 2014 – “Change” a Documentary film that will show you the power of your mind.

Many people were introduced to the Law of Attraction with book “The Secret,” but failed to see real change in their lives. “CHANGE” is a powerful new documentary that offers a fresh perspective on the power of human consciousness to effect personal and social change.  Including real life stories of healing miracles, this inspiring […]

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Become a Member and review amazing short films from MsFF

In this space members will have the opportunity to review some of the best short film from around the world and at the same time vote to select the best short that will represented this selection in the 2014 festival.

When you become one of Miami short Film Festival Member, you not only gain exclusive […]

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Bring the MsFF to your city

MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL Short (MsFF) one of the most important short film festivals in the United States and the world, offers the opportunity to bring a special edition of the festival to your country.

Founded in 2002, the International festival MSFF is dedicated to promote the short film genre. With over 10 years of existence […]

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