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Opening Night MsFF 2011

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  1. This would be a great video if the girls didn’t look completely underage. 

  2. what were they trying to say, when a handsome priest looked serious when the fat unatractive nun entered his room, then turns around and parties with two young girls (underage) ?

    • ….maybe how ridiculous the Catholic Church can be??? the trouble a priest has to go through (if he is not a gay or a pedophile)  having to abstain and struggle with temptation. 

      • and they do not look underage…underage are the hundreds of alter boys Catholic priests have abused over the years.

  3. Is the Writer/Director trying to provoke religious outburst??! No one should see this film or festival. People without talents shouldn’t just make any films without thinking what the outcome might be, or just making films for the sake of making films (if it’s even called that). I find this boring and redundant!

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