2014 Official Selection


Selected Films (in alphabetical order):

  • 37°4S
Adriano Valerio France
  • All’s Fair
Todd Strauss-Schulson USA
Rubens Marinelli Neto Brazil
  • Andrés
Eduardo Lecuona Mexico
  • Ask Me About Wage Theft
Bryan Angarita Canada
  • Balance
Skyler Thomas USA
  • Beach Country
Brady Bigalke USA
  • Bingo
Andres Borda Garci­a Mexico
  • Blind Date
Maria Askedal Norway
  • Christine
Mounia Akl Lebanon
  • Confluence
Noah Shulman USA
  • Efrain va a la Luna
Philip Stephanou Colombia
  • Egghead
Patrick Longstreth USA
  • El Maestro y la Flor
Daniel Irabien Peniche Mexico
  • Elefreak ‘Fe’
Vadim Lasca Venezuela
  • ERIC
Herbert Bianchi Brazil
  • Escher’s Taxi
Aleksei Abib, Flavio Botelho Brazil
  • Father
Santiago Bou Grasso Argentina
  • For Family’s Sake
Sam Shaib USA
  • Garbage or Resource?
Natasha Despotovic USA
  • Genius
Manny Garcia USA
  • Guárdame puesto
Alfredo Hueck Venezuela
  • Heavyweight
Nicklas Clark Denmark
  • Her Name Was
Annie Nguyen Australia
  • Here Comes the Rain
Irene C Rodriguez Spain
  • House of Ahava
Erik Eger Sweden
  • Houses with small windows
Bülent Öztürk Belgium
  • Icefall
Joseph Areddy Switzerland
  • I’d Rather Be Crazy than Boring
Maritza De Quesada USA
  • Inments
Francisco De la Fuente Argentina
  • Invisible Girl
John Nordstrom USA
  • January Man
Michael Rababy USA
  • Juliette
Maud Lazzerini France
  • Kangaroos can’t jump backwards
Rafael Mayrhofer Austria
  • Kathleen
Stephanie Hutin USA
  • La Carta
Ángeles Cruz Mexico
  • La Loteria
Shahir Daud USA
  • La Répétition
Carl-Antonyn Dufault Canada
  • Lasca ‘Sol’
Vadim Lasca Venezuela
  • Lasca ‘Tocando el Sol’
Vadim Lasca Venezuela
  • Le Gouffre
Carl Beauchemin Canada
  • Lion Girl: The Ox Who Lost His Eye
Katty Aoun USA
  • Lost Property
Asa Lucander United Kingdom
  • LUX
Alvaro Luque Peru
  • ME – Story of a Performance
Jopsu Ramu Finland
Francisco Lorite USA
  • Narcissist
Eric Casaccio USA
  • Nashorn im Galopp
Erik Schmitt Germany
  • O Jogo
Pedro Coutinho Brazil
  • Ocean Five
Vito Trupiano USA
  • Ombligados en Jurubirá
Juan Manuel Vásquez Colombia
  • Only One
Joel Bell Australia
  • Onus
Martell Harding USA
  • Over The Neva
Katerina Lavrionova United Kingdom
  • Pachanga
Margarita Cooper USA
  • Rabbit and Deer
Peter Vacz Hungary
  • Rain Beats Down
KT Niehoff USA
  • Red Alert
Barry Avrich Canada
  • Refuge
Melanie Aronson USA
  • Return to Innocence
Mario Garza USA
Maarten Groen Netherlands
  • Round Round Song
Adrian Sieber Switzerland
  • Siham
Cyril Aris Lebanon
  • Solecito
Oscar Ruiz Navia Colombia
  • Taxistop
Marie Enthoven Belgium
  • Teagan
Igor Coric, Sheldon Lieberman Australia
  • Text Amy
Jesus Alarcon USA
  • The Amautalik
Neil Christopher Canada
  • The Employment
Santiago Bou Grasso Argentina
  • The Housewife
Gokhan Bulut USA
  • The Kiosk
Anete Melece Switzerland
  • The Ramona Flowers Tokyo
Bouha Kazmi United Kingdom
  • The Sun Can Blind
Toti Loureiro Brazil
  • The Things That I Dread
Adam Parr USA
  • The Way You Love
Lydia Darly USA
  • This Land is a Skeleton
Justin Hearn USA
  • Tiebraker
thomas leisten schneider USA
Kenshow Onodera Japan
  • Tribute
John Salcido USA
  • Unidentified Flying Reality
Shane Kinsler U.S. Outlying Islands
Asier Aizpuru Spain
  • Virtuos Virtuell
Thomas Stellmach Germany
  • What Cheer?
Michael Slavens USA
  • Your Face Here
Andrew Murillo United States


Unfortunately due to the limited screening spots and the general nature of festivals we cannot accept a majority of the content that we receive. 

If you see that your film did not make the list, please do not take this as a reflection of the film itself. We received so many quality films this year that our choices proved to be extremely difficult. 

Congratulations to each and every one of you for your inspiring productions. I encourage all of you to send your future projects our way, and thanks again for considering us in your festival plans. 

Best of luck, 

William Vela 
MsFF Director/Founder