Hello Filmmakers!


First, thank you all for your wonderful submissions this year to the 13th Annual Miami Short Film Festival.

We had an extremely fruitful submission pool this year with over 800 films from all over the world. With that said, it has been a very exciting, yet arduous screening process over the last couple months, and the decisions haven’t been easy.

Out of the 800+ films there are only 70 – 80 coveted screening spots available. We are excited to announce that the official selections for MsFF 2014 have been posted on our website.

Please click on the following link to see if your film was selected for this year’s programming → http://bit.ly/1r6njq5

Unfortunately due to the limited screening spots and the general nature of festivals we cannot accept a majority of the content that we receive.

If you see that your film did not make the list, please do not take this as a reflection of the film itself. We received so many quality films this year that our choices proved to be extremely difficult.

Congratulations to each and every one of you for your inspiring productions. I encourage all of you to send your future projects our way, and thanks again for considering us in your festival plans.

Best of luck,

William Vela
MsFF Director/Founder


You can now submit for the 2015 editions of MsFF:


MsFF 2015 Summer Series Miami short Film Festival 2015
filmfreeway filmfreeway


We encourage you to submit your work to next year’s festival – Submissions open January 2015.