shortREACH is a series of outreach programs outside of the yearly film festival which expand the interest, exposure and discussion of short films.

youth outreach program

The Youth Outreach Program’s goal is to bring to Public Schools and their youth, an opportunity to observe the creative world of filmmaking by showcasing to them a selection of short film from around the world. We hope that by encouraging young people to go beyond their social boundaries, they will be able to face life with a more well-rounded and positive outlook.

The initial strands of this program include 5 days of short film screenings and a workshop seminar. We seek to provide Miami’s disenfranchised youth with vocational media and filmmaking skills from basic camera and sound proficiency to script writing and editing; gaining insight into the filmmaking process and the film industry at a grass roots level. The project will also enable the participants to explore their diverse local environments in creative and exciting ways; developing personal skills, self confidence and team working abilities.

If you and your company like to support programs that strive to help our local youth to develop new skills and self-confidence in disadvantaged communities, then you can help us by supporting the MsFF Youth Outreach Program 2011.

 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a proud supporter of the successful development of our future generations and contribute to further fomenting Miami’s cultural and artistic growth.

the short screen

  • Drive-Ins and other Outdoor Projections of short films
  • Outdoor screenings at some of Miami’s most beautiful locations (and hidden gems!)
  • Can feature classic short films, experimental short films, past winners of MsFF, etc.



short talks

Compelling conversations, panel discussions, seminars and workshops featuring names in the industry describing short films, production, theory, etc.



Our newsletter which features short films to watch out for, interviews of filmmakers, local film happenings, etc.

Nightlife events that incorporate live VJing or Video displays. More “experimental” formats of presenting film, collaborating with local (and international) artists and organizations.