Do you have a love for film and want to help a great organization? We are in need of volunteers to help us during our festival as well as future festivals. Each year, the enthusiasm, commitment and hard work of volunteers enable the Festival to pursue its mission of celebrating the collaborative process of filmmaking.

    • Volunteers are needed to assist in all areas of the Miami Short Film Festival. There are of course, exciting benefits such as being among the first audiences to see the selected and award-winning films. But the real benefits of volunteering aren’t things, or even films–they’re the overall experience of working with a great team with a great cause. If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind experience, read on and apply to join our MsFF team.

Please feel free to contact our Volunteer Director at for more information.

Contact US


  • Must be over 21 years old
  • Receive, read and respond to e-mail. This is our main form of communication
  • Attend a pre-festival training and new volunteer orientation

Volunteer Positions

  • Festival Volunteers
    • Marketing
    • Theater Management
    • Production Assistant
    • Programming Assistant
    • Ushers and Greeters
    • Sales and Merchandise
    • Drivers
    • Program Disribution
    • Filmmaker and Industry Credentials
  • Pre-Production Volunteers
    • Marketing
    • Production
    • Development/Sponsorship


Latest News

  • Looking for 2014 production volunteers! The festival is approaching fast and we could sure use your talents!
  • Apply to volunteer, don’t miss out.
  • We need volunteers all year so apply at any time!


Volunteer Process

  • Apply Online or email
  • Application Process: Once received, we review your application and will email you to set up a call and discuss possibilities.
  • Assignment: You will be assigned to a specific department and a schedule will be given to you. It is important that all volunteers arrive on time to their given assignments.
  • Training: All volunteers will be required to go through a brief training for thier specific assignments during the festival.



Festival Passes (amount determined by time volunteered)

  • Volunteer or internship credit if needed
  • Experience in event production, film industry and more
Volunteers are essential to the Festival. We recognize the time they devote to the Festival and provide benefits to them as a thank-you for their service. Benefits are provided in conjunction with the number of hours volunteered, and for Full-Time Volunteers, the skills needed for the position held.