2019 Schedule

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Focus on: Environment | September 15 | 7:30pm | Deering Estate

16701 SW 72nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33157


Dir by; Skule Eriksen, 24:00 min, Environmental, Norway

Fjord is a personal interpretation of the landscape in Naeroyfjord in Western Norway, included in

UNESCO’s World Heritage list of 2005. The film is poetic and rhythmic, following the shifting light and the turn of the seasons in this unique and dramatic landscape.

This Land is a Skeleton

Dir by; Justin Hearn 5:45 min, Environmental, USA

 Michael Frank of the Miccosukee Tribe’s Otter Clan was born on an island in the Everglades. He tells the story of his tribe, their home, and the threats both are facing as only someone born of that world can.

Carbon for water

Dir by; Evan Abramson – Environmental – 22:00 min – Kenya/USA

In Kenya’s Western Province, most drinking water is contaminated. The wood many Kenyans use to boil this water to make it safe is increasingly valuable. Women and girls, who bear the responsibility for finding water and fuel, often miss school or work while seeking both fuel and water.

Ma Forêt

Dir by; Sebastien Pins, 7:00 minutes, Environmental, Belgium

Catch a child’s view of a majestic forest, discovering its magic, its mysteries and its meetings.


Dir by; Skyler Thomas, 11:59 min, Environmental, USA

Even when intentions are pure, rarely can mankind improve upon a system of balance already set forth by nature. This film focuses specifically on one such system involving white sharks and their primary prey items.

Greening Up: South Florida’s Young Farmers

Dir by; Carmen Rodríguez and Lucia Aguiar, 8:00 min, Environmental, USA

Young people in South Florida that are getting involved in organic farming and gardening talk about the reasons behind their choice to go against the grain and grow organically.

Focus on: Germany | August 15 | 7:30pm | Deering Estate

16701 SW 72nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33157

  • Event will start with a small reception wine and cheese provided by the German Consulate at 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
  • Screenings time 7:45pm to 9:00pm. (88:00 Min)
  • Wrap-up time 9:00pm. The German Consulate will hand out small ice cream cups to the audience on the way out as a recognition for the last movie Gelato – Seven Summers of Ice Cream Love


Dir by; Pol Ponsarnau, 10 min 52 sec, Comedy, Drama, GERMANY

Food first, then morals! A comedy about two couples in a stylish Berlin Tapas
restaurant. Tension grows with each dish. All seems lost when the question “who waters
your plants?” comes on the table.


Dir by; Constantin Jahns, Narrative, 25:52 Min, Germany

Alex, a young bailiff, is confronted with the seizure of his father’s bankrupt antique shop. Instead of carrying out the objectionable task, they put their differences aside and join forces to give a boost to the ailing business.



Directed by; Julia Walter, 15 minutes, Narrative, Germany

Garden plot tyrant Gerti wants to prevent that her teenage granddaughter Merci is growing up and falling in love with an older hipster hottie.


Directed by; Felix von Seefranz – Narrative – 15:00 Min – GERMANY

Mrs. Schmitt is probably the busiest woman in Berlin. She’s constantly on the run between meetings and phone calls, till one day her world collapses.

Holy Moms

Dir by; Johanna Thalmann, Dramedy, 24:00 Min, Germany

Liv Mehlmann wants to throw an unforgettable birthday party for her daughter Alicia (14). But when she sends a message to the “Holy Moms” chat group that the precocious Rosie will also attend the party, the helicopter moms freak out. Rosie is not a good influence, she’s got to go, immediately.

Gelato - Seven Summers of Ice Cream Love

Dir by; Daniela Opp, 12 min, Animation, GERMANY

Almost 80 years separate Rosa and Molly, however the love for ice cream connects the two magically. Can one imagine that something that wonderful has once been completely unknown around here? At least Rosa can. She looks back on her first few summers of ice cream love.