“Focus on Series”

Quality short films to audiences beyond the Movie theaters. 

“Focus On” is our shorts program series, themed to showcase cinematic excellence by country, genre, or other resonating topic or “focus”. These events are ticketed, and often feature local filmmakers or valued members of the community to lead discussions with the audience about the presented topic. We partner with local organizations and businesses on these events, to bring important topics into the spotlight and to initiate conversations with the community..

Focus On Female Filmmakers
 Sunday, July 14th, 2024


6:30-7pm – cocktail hour
7:00 -8:45 – Film Screening


Bach Ma

Dir. By Darlene Huynh – Narrative – 19:55 Min – Canada

A woman decides to step out of her modern life and journeys to a remote monastery in the Bach Ma mountains of Vietnam, where she lives alongside a group of stoic monks. Her silent struggle to adapt to the peculiar setting leads her to a wholehearted search for something worth believing in.


Dir. By Jennifer Greco – Narrative – 17:53 Min – Colombia

When a young woman, Esmeralda, returns to her native land to confront her mother about a traumatic childhood memory, the two women forge a newfound bond through a shared experience.


Dir. By Camilla Demichelis Richaud – Narrative – 11:18 Min – Mexico

An aging and decadent artist rekindles a dangerous relationship with his Muse right before his last exhibition. All goes well… until the inner monster comes out to play.

Something New

Dir. By Michelle Bossy – Narrative – 14:29 Min – USA

On a tumultuous wedding day, five women prepare to walk down the aisle while a teenage bridesmaid probes about what really happens on the wedding night. A subversive and political take on the rom-com genre that reveals the disturbing truth behind one bride’s pre-nuptial cold feet.

Heat Spell

Dir. By Marie-Pier Dupuis – Narrative – 13:49 Min – Canada

As the afternoon heat sets in, Maxime feels the weight of each passing moment.


Dir. By Ines Gowland – Narrative – 14:25 Min – Argentina

After her father dies, Teresa, a 50-year-old expatriate, returns to Argentina determined to sell the family farm, but excessive rain forces her to stay, while allowing Ernesto, the eagerly presumptuous man who runs it, to convince her to keep it. As she reconnects with the land, Ernesto’s efforts and insinuations will force Teresa to make a drastic decision.