“Focus on Series”

Quality short films to audiences beyond the Movie theaters. 

“Focus On” is our shorts program series, themed to showcase cinematic excellence by country, genre, or other resonating topic or “focus”. These events are ticketed, and often feature local filmmakers or valued members of the community to lead discussions with the audience about the presented topic. We partner with local organizations and businesses on these events, to bring important topics into the spotlight and to initiate conversations with the community..

Focus On: “Documentary Films”
 Sunday, March 10th, 2024


6:30-7pm – cocktail hour
7:00 -8:45 – Film Screening


Back to the Origin

Dir. By Isaac Bencid, Mauricio Rodríguez – 12:13 Min – USA

The City of Doral, Florida, witnessed an unprecedented artistic event in 2021: the exhibition of more than a dozen monumental sculptures by the renowned Spanish artist Manolo Valdés, scattered throughout the city’s public parks and spaces aimed to bring joy and culture to the residents and visitors of Doral during a challenging year.

The Life and Death of Gaia

Dir. By Jerry Toth – 16:48 Min – Ecuador

The entire life story of our Planet Earth, from birth until her eventual death, told through black-and-white images. After the meteoric rise and fall of Homo sapiens, artificial intelligence ushers forth a new era of planetary consciousness. It’s an ecological come-back story.


Dir. By Gerard Voltà – 17:00 Min – Spain

With an ocean and years of estrangement from home the sudden death of a father provokes the need to fulfill a commitment, but now it may be too late.

Rosenwald: Toward A More Perfect Union

Dir. By Charles Poe – 09:46 Min – USA

The extraordinary story of a forgotten philanthropist, a Jewish son of immigrants from Chicago who became a champion for black education in the Jim Crow South.

Scrubbed: The Age of Artemis

Dir. By Barry Walton – 8:46 Min – USA

The Age of Artemis captures the insights of super fans as we watch NASA’s maiden voyage on the return to the moon. It connects with observers to offer perspective into our love for the launch and all that it’s connected to.

Living with Snow Leopards

Dir. By Gayle Lesley Podrabsky – 13:23 Min – USA/India

Dolma and Chodon live with their families in the high mountain village of Kibber India a population of roughly 450 people. Their families depend on their livestock to survive. What concerns them is when one of their animals falls prey to a stealthy predator, the snow leopard.

Who’s Calling Me at 2am?

Dir. By Jason Sherman – 12:54 Min – USA

When Corey loses his grandfather’s necklace in the ocean, he is devastated. After searching through the night, a 2am phone call may just be the luck he needs to recover the priceless heirloom.