We are very pleased to offer our filmmaker community a new opportunity to promote their films in our new virtual showroom (Virtual Spot). Every year we receive hundreds of films, but unfortunately, not all of them make it to the roster for the final competition. For this reason, we have created our own virtual screening room platform called “Virtual Spot.” At this platform, we will offer those films that were not officially selected at the festival, the opportunity to present their work to our virtual audience around the world. This platform will work on a membership format, and people will pay a monthly registration fee of $13.99 to watch all the films in our screening room or $1.50 dollars to watch a single film. This symbolic fee will help us pay to maintain the platform. Once this platform reaches a certain number of members, our intention is to share the profits with our filmmakers.

We thank all the filmmakers who have already agreed to participate in this new adventure, and we hope more filmmakers will sign up to participate.

The Interview

Dir by: Egor Yatsenko- Drama- 0:14 Min – Russian Federation

The Interview is a story about an unlucky actor Sasha, who has been playing the same roles in a provincial theatre for many years. Everything would have continued like this, but the universe has its own plans for the hero: the artistic director decides to modernize the theatre and removes the actor from the leading roles, the wife informs him of her pregnancy, and telephone scammers steal not only Sasha’s money but also his colleagues’.

Imaginary Portrait

Dir by: Felipe Martinez Carbonell – fantasy, drama, horror, suspense- 0:13 Min – Argentina

Through the creation of a family portrait, a mentally imbalanced young artist connects with her dead mother to exact revenge on her ghoulish father and abusive grandfather.

Archive & the Storyteller

Dir by: Natasha Marie Rivera- Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance- 0:19 Min – United States

On the brink of human extinction, a young couple struggles to secure a spot on the Archive.