Limitless Creation



The story is made as the story is told; mastering various tools and techniques, this presentation is a devotion to the old wonderful term: “The magic of cinema”.

8:00PM Paragon, Coconut Grove, 70:43:00

  • The Ramona Flower Tokyo, United Kingdom, Music Video, Dir. Bouha Kazmi
  • Nashorm Im Galopp, Germany, Narrative, Dir. Erik Schmit
  • I’d Rather Be Crazy Than Boring, United States, Narrative, Dir. Maritza De Quesada
  • Over The Neva, United Kingdom, Animation, Dir. Katerina Lavrionova
  • Lux, Peru, Experimental, Dir. Alvaro Luque
  • Escher’s Taxi, Brazil, Narrative, Dir. Aleksei Abib, Flavio Botelho
  • One day in every day, Argentina, Narrative, Dir Felipe Solari
  • Pachanga, USA


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Discovering the Right Path



When we let go of what we know and simply let the world unfold as we seat back and watch, we eventually realize we are part of even the simplest unfolding of events. In this segment, our characters face the world, but not from their comfort zone.

5:00 PM, Miami Beach Cinematheque, 71:48:00

  • Icefall,   TRT 4:00, Switzerland, Extreme Sport Video, Dir, Joseph Areddy
  • La Loteria, TRT 8:20, United States, Narrative, Dir. Shahir Daud
  • Beneath our own immensity, TRT 9:50, United States, Experimental, Dir. Alia Swersky
  • Blind Date, TRT 14:45, Norway, Narrative, Dir. Maria Askedal
  • Balance, TRT 20:00, United States, Enviromental, Dir. Skyler Thomas
  • Kathleen, TRT 4:04, United States, Narrative, Dir. Stephanie Hutin
  • Taxi Stop, TRT 20:39, Belgium, Narrative, Dir. Marie Enthoven


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A Toast for the Journey



The sense of uncertainty, excitement, and the awareness of the continuous movement that takes place in our lives; everyday brings new possibilities and the chance to embark on new journeys. This collection of films explores the destination, the beginning and the end of journeys.

Let us have a toast for the journey!

8:00 PM, Paragon, Coconut Grove, 67:46:00

  • Ocean Five, TRT 8:45, United States, Narrative, Dir. Vito Trupiano
  • La Carta, TRT 10:00, Mexico, Narrative, Dir. Ángeles Cruz
  • Only One, TRT 13:05, Australia, Narrative, Dir Anita Lee
  • Efrain va a la Luna, TRT    9:03, Colombia, Narrative, Dir. Philip Stephanou
  • The Kiosk, TRT    6:53, Switzerland, Animation, Dir. Anete Melece
  • Unidentified Flying Reality, TRT 20:00, United States, Narrative Dir. Shane Kinsler
  • ONUS, 


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Vittorio Storaro





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Surfing in the Storm



Happiness can never be promised, and after the calm comes the storm, but when the storm comes you either learn how to swim in it or you get drown by it. The thing is, swimming in the storm can be one of the most regarding feelings. Come with us and enjoy how our characters push through the storm as they strive to always make the, “best out of it”.

4:00 PM, Miami Beach Cinematheque 80:53:00

  • Her Name Was, TRT 6:00, Australia, Animation, Dir. Annie Nguyen
  • Rabbit   TRT 16:24, France, Narrative, Dir. Laure de Clermont
  • Le Gouffre, TRT 10:30, Canada, Animation, Dir. Carl Beauchemin, Thomas
  • 37* 4S,  TRT 11:41, France, Narrative, Dir. Adriano Valerio
  • The Amautalik, TRT 6:50, Canada, Animation, Dir. Neil Christopher
  • Kangaroos Can’t Jump Backwards, TRT 2:24, Australia, Animation, Dir. Rafael Mayrhofer
  • Toutes Des Connes, TRT 6:43, Canada, Narrative, Dir. Francois Jaros
  • Bingo, TRT 11:41, Mexico, Narrative, Dir. Andrés Borda García
  • Eric, TRT 8:40, Brazil, Narrative, Dir. Herbert Bianchi


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There is Always More Behind The Curtains



They say that real power hides in the shadows. These films explore the complexity of life, the transcendence of one’s emotions, and the powers that drive our destiny.

7:00 PM, Paragon, Coconut Grove, 88:47:00

  • Rotor, TRT 6:42, Netherlands, Narrative, Maarten Groen
  • Return to Innocence, TRT 1:30, United States, Narrative, Dir. Mario Garza
  • El Maestro y La Flor, TRT 8:43, Mexico, Animation, Dir. Daniel Irabién Peniche
  • Ev Hanimi, TRT   9:18, Turkey, Narrative, Dir. Gokhan Bulut
  • House of Ahava, TRT 19:09, Sweden, Narrative, Dir. Erik Eger
  • What Cheer? TRT 17:46, United States, Narrative, Dir. Michael Slavens
  • Mediation, TRT 14:00, United States, Narrative, Dir. Francisco Lorite
  • The Things That I Dread, TRT 1:30, United States, Music Video, Dir. Adam Parr
  • Kenny, TRT 10:09, Dominican Republic, Psychological Thriller, Gianni Waith


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The Omnipresent Feeling



Because where love lays love prevails, the power of the Omnipresent feeling of love can even be expressed through the simplest of acts and yet bring upon the most challenging and rewarding situations to one’s life. Because with love every battle can be won, bring your open hearts for an ode to love with this wonderful collection of passionate films.

8:00 PM Paragon, Coconut Grove, 75:04:00

  • Confluence, USA, Dir. Noah Schulman
  • Christine, TRT 14:52, Lebanon, Narrative, Dir. Mounia Akl
  • Solecito, TRT 20:00, Denmark, France, Colombia, Narrative, Dir. Oscar Ruiz Navia
  • Ombligados en Jurubira, TRT 8:01, Colombia, Documentary, Dir. Juan Manuel Vasquez, Juan Camilo Garcia
  • Your Face Here, TRT 3:24, United States, Narrative, Dir. Andrew Murillo
  • The Way you Love, TRT 14:52, United States, Narrative, Dir. Lydia Darly
  • Text Amy, TRT 10:25, Mexico, Narrative, Dir. Jesus Alarcon
  • The Round Round Song, TRT 3:30, Spain, Music Video, Dir. Kinopravda


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More Than Flesh & Bones



If we only consisted of flesh and bones life would be a lot easier, but we are not. There are emotions, ideas, and a lot more than meets the eye. Explore with us the complexity of what makes us what we are, the complexity of being human.                                 

9:00 PM, Miami Beach Cinematheque, 80:34:00

  • January Man, TRT 3:38, United States, Narrative, Dir. Michael Rababy
  • Perfidia, TRT25:15, Mexico, United States, Narrative, Dir. David Figueroa Garcia
  • La Repetition, TRT 6:30, Canada, Experimental, Dir. Carl-Antonyn Dufault
  • Father, TRT 12:19, Argentina, France, Animation, Dir.Santiago Bou Grasso
  • Sacrifice, TRT6:34
  • Refuge , TRT 12:13, United States, Documentary, Dir. Melanie Aronson,
  • Lasca “Sun”, TRT 2:44, Venezuela, Music Video, Dir.Vadim Lasca
  • My Beautiful Zombie, TRT 5:18, United States, Narrative, Dir. Jacques Santos
  • Teagan, TRT 2:43, Australia, Animation, Sheldon Lieberman


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Soul Bonds & Debts



Every action carries its own weight. When tide bonds between families and loved ones gets disrupted, everyone carries their own share of karma. Come see how even through multiple cultures, the universal laws that bond us come with challenging responsibilities.

8:00 PM, Paragon, Coconut Grove, 75:11:00

  • Houses With Small Windows, TRT 16:00, Belgium, Narrative, Dir. Bülent Öztürk
  • Tie Braker, TRT 8:00, United States, Narrative, Dir. Thomas Leisten Schneider
  • Tarde Para Ramon, TRT 10:00, Cuba, Narrative, Dir. Daniel Chile
  • Virtuos Virtuel, TRT 7:25, Germany, Experimental, Dir. Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann
  • A Marriage to Remember, TRT, 8:23, USA, Documentary Dir. by: Banker White and Anna Fitch
  • Esa Unica Mujer, Colombiano, TRT15:48, Narrative, Dir. Carlos Andres
  • The Bravest, The Boldest, TRT 17:00, United States, Narrative, Dir. Moon Molson


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Only Heroes Survive



It could be in a classroom or in a parking lot. Life changing struggles present themselves in totally unexpected ways, and the way we deal with them shows us who we really are and how strong we can be. After all, if hell doesn’t burn you, you can’t turn into a phoenix, and in real life; only heroes survive.

9:00 PM, Miami Beach Cinematheque, 85:52:00

  • Heavyweight, TRT 16:32, Denmark, Narrative, Dir. Jesper Quistgaard
  • Guardame Puesto, TRT 11:26, Venezuela, Narrative, Dir. Alfredo Hueck
  • Siham, TRT 13:05, Lebanon, Narrative, Dir. Cyril Aris
  • Juliette, TRT 17:19, France, Narrative, Maud Lazzerini
  • The Sun Can Blind, TRT 16:44, Brazil, Narrative, Dir. Toti Loureiro
  • Lasca “Tocando el Sol”, TRT 4:56, Venezuela, Music Video, Dir. Vadim Lasca
  • El Dictado, TRT 4:50, Mexico, Animation, Dir. Christoph Müller


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The Story We All Need to Tell



To organize ourselves we created society. To organize society we created the government and the government was thus added to the chaos of nature. To understand chaos we speak, with a delaminating eye we will explore social struggles. Join us, as these are; “the stories we all need to tell”.

8:00 PM, Paragon, Coconut Grove 8:00 PM, 84:07:00

  • El Empleo (The Employment), TRT 6:25, Argentina, Animation, Dir. Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso
  • Garbage or Resource, TRT 17:08, Dominican Republic, Documentary, Dir. Natasha Despotovic
  • For Family’s Sake, TRT 19:49, United States, Narrative, Dir. Sam Shaib
  • This Land is a Skeleton, TRT 5:45, Unites States, Documentary, Dir. Justin Hearn
  • Viste a Cristina el 7 de Marzo?, TRT 15:00, Colombia, Spain, Narrative, Dir. Maritza Blanco
  • Tokko Shigan, TRT 20:00, Japan, Narrative, Dir. Kenshow Onodera


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When the Love Song Stops Playing



Kintsugi, is the Japanese traditional art of fixing broken pottery with a mix of resin, gold or platinum, preserving its history and embracing the imperfect. Eventually, it makes more aesthetically valuable and complex pieces. When love shatters and the feeling of knowing that everything comes to an end is evident, it is a good time to remember kintsugi. Join us and see how the broken pottery starts to put itself together.

9:00 PM, Miami Beach Cinematheque, 80:11:00

  • All’s Fair, TRT 13:40, United States, Comedy, Dir. Todd Strauss-Schulson
  • Lost Property, TRT 6:30, United Kingdom, Animation
  • Andres, TRT 18:06, Mexico, Narrative, Dir. Eduardo Lecuona
  • Jogo, TRT 18:37, Brazil, Narrative, Dir. Pedro Coutinho
  • Zugswang, TRT 8:45, United States, Narrative, Dir. Yolanda Centeno
  • Elefreak “Fe”, TRT 3:48, Venezuela, Music Video, Dir. Vadim Lasca
  • Byk (Bull), TRT 10:45, Poland, Narrative. Dir. Pawel Maj


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The Bare Character



Come as you are, from exploring Miami’s labor laws to the wild nature of love, this selection presents its characters bare. Here, simplicity is allured by powerful imagery and wonderful story telling.

7:00 PM, Miami Beach Cinematheque, 74:37:00

  • Memoria, TRT 1:13, Argentina, Extreme Sports Video, Dir. Mariageles Casella
  • Tribute, TRT 17:41, Unites States, Narrative, Dir. John Salcido
  • Rain Beats Down, TRT 9:50, United States, Experimental, Dir. KT Niehoff
  • Narcissist, TRT 17:20, United States, Narrative, Dir. Eric Casaccio
  • Me: story of a performance, TRT 7:30, Finland, Japan, Experimental, Dir. Jopsu Ramu
  • Ask Me About Wage Theft, TRT 10:57, United States, Documentary, Dir. Bryan Angarita
  • Virgenes, TRT 19:56, Spain, Musical Narrative, Dir. Asier Aizpuru


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The Joyful Bliss of a Simple Smile



Come to love life and set yourself up in the right mood for any kind of day. Breath, smile & laugh. In this up-beat collection of short films you will enjoy the cry of clowns, the magnificent relationship of a paper rabbit and a deer, the sassiness of a young redhead, and other wonderful and up-lifting treats.

8:00 PM , Paragon, Coconut Grove , 62:32:00

  • Amongst Laughs & Tears, TRT 7:30, Brazil, Narrative, Dir. Rubens Marinelli Neto
  • Inmentis, TRT 12:25, Argentina, Narrative, Dir. Francisco de la Fuente
  • Lion Girl: “The Ox Who Lost His Eye”, TRT 4:25, United States, Animation, Dir. Katty Aoun
  • Red Alert, TRT 7:00, Cadana, Documentary, Barry Avrich
  • Beach Country, TRT 5:30
  • Egg Head, TRT 1:00, United States, Animation, Dir. Patrick Longstreth
  • Here Comes The Rain, TRT 3:37, Spain, Music Video, Dir. Irene C Rodríguez
  • Rabbit & Deer, TRT 16:24, Hungary, Animation, Dir. Peter Vacz
  • Invisible Girl, TRT 4:41, United States, Music Video, Dir. John Nordstrom

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Eight categories were used to organize this years’ MsFF official selection. Twelve dedicated judges took on the task of selecting the best film of each category. These eight films, plus two special jury mention were the winners of this years’ Miami short Film Festival. Discover who this amazing winners are at the award presentation.


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